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Why use a Franchise Accountant?

A UK study found that franchises are benefitting from a thriving business landscape, with 93% of franchises reporting profitability in 2018.

However, this also comes with specific drawbacks that are unfamiliar in independent business formats. There are several ways we can help you overcome the challenges associated with running a franchise;


Evaluate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) We can to help identify key indicators & implement effective systems to monitor how your franchise is performing.


Monitoring cash flow Especially in franchise with recurring expenses, it is essential to be aware of all regular payments to ensure an effective plan to manage finances.


Managing debt Franchises often deal with large debt before they can even start earning money. We can help you stay on top of your finances by actively managing debt & bringing costs down.


Focus on employees We can help automate & monitor any administrative tasks so you can focus on running a successful business & developing a productive team.

Our unique Fusion BI solution and accountancy software, offers a revolutionary system to harness your company data and identify opportunities for growth.

  • We help develop successful business and customer relationships with our detailed KPI reporting. So you can focus on effectively building a profitable franchise business.
  • We help discover pain powerful insights and make informed decisions with our accurate data reporting technology.
  • We are future-proofing your business with our robust management system to plan and prepare for the next steps in your franchise journey.

Over £17 Billion in 2018

Franchise businesses contributed to the UK economy

Experts in Franchise Accounting

Our team compromises of Chartered Accountants and industry experts, with British Franchise Association affiliation, you can rest assured we have the expertise to help grow your franchise business at every stage.

We pride ourselves in offering a a one stop approach to managing your business, with a friendly approach for every size of business, you can choose the level of services and accounting support you require.

EKW Group _ Experts In Franchise Accounting


Our solution is perfect for franchise, multi-site and complex business needs.

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