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Apprenticeships: Myths vs Realities  

This week we’re celebrating National Apprenticeship Week, drawing the nation’s attention to the value of apprenticeships as a career route. Apprenticeships serve as an exceptional foundation across many industries, equipping individuals with the essential skills and experience needed to cultivate a successful career. 

At EKW Group we provide an accessible route into a career in accounting and payroll, through our various apprenticeship programmes. However, we feel that apprenticeships are sometimes paired with misconceptions that may deter people from finding their true passion – this National Apprenticeship Week, we’re here to put those rumours to rest.  

Take a look below at how EKW Group’s apprenticeship programmes combats the myths!  

MYTH: Apprenticeships are only for people who can’t go to sixth–form, college or university. 

Reality: Apprenticeships are inclusive, welcoming individuals from diverse academic backgrounds! Each apprenticeship has different requirements, like that of a job or a university degree. It’s really about identifying your starting level. Whether you have just completed a master’s degree or finished school, there are apprenticeships out there for everyone.  

MYTH: Apprenticeships are only for traditional jobs. 

Reality: While apprenticeships have deep roots within trades such as carpentry and plumbing, they also exist in a multitude of industries. Much like our programmes at EKW Group, which equip our apprentices with accounting qualifications. These opportunities defy the traditional notion of apprenticeships limiting participants to conventional job roles. From IT to healthcare to accounting, apprenticeships will have you covered for any avenue you would like to pursue.  

MYTH: Apprenticeships are low-paying jobs.  

Reality: Although apprentices typically start out earning a lower salary, the employer pays for their qualifications, removing any student debt or course fees! In many cases also, the apprenticeship will have the potential for structured wage progression, as the individual learns and gains experience. In many cases, apprentices can earn competitive wages, and they often lead to well-paying stable careers, just like some of our team at EKW Group. You never know – you may end up with a permanent job at the end of the programme! 

MYTH: Apprenticeships are only for young people. 

Reality: Apprenticeships are available to individuals of various ages. Some programmes are designed for recent college graduates, while others are open to anyone looking to change careers or acquire new skills. Typically, with accountancy, you will see a wide range of ages looking to start a career in the industry showing just how diverse apprenticeships are. Lifelong learning is encouraged in many apprenticeship models, regardless of your age! 

MYTH: Apprenticeships don’t lead to career advancement. 

Reality: Many apprenticeships are designed to provide a clear path for career advancement. Completing an apprenticeship programme can lead to higher-level positions within a company or industry, moulding employees into well-skilled professionals. In fact, a number of our past apprentices remain integral members of the EKW Group family, gaining further responsibility and qualifications in the years after. 

At EKW Group, we’re on a mission to debunk these myths, to showcase how apprenticeships are inclusive, diverse, and offer a genuine pathway to successful careers. From overcoming age stereotypes to thriving in non-traditional fields like accounting, our apprenticeship success stories exemplify the true value these programmes bring.  

Let’s celebrate the power of apprenticeships in shaping skilled professionals and fostering lifelong learning! 

Interested in an Apprenticeship at EKW Group? Contact Eleanor Taylor.

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