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NAW2024: From apprentice to payroll professional

Wondering how to develop skills for life?

This National Apprenticeship Week focuses on how apprenticeship schemes promote career-long learning and facilitate the development of valuable skills for life. 

Take a look at how some of our past apprentices kickstarted their career with an apprenticeship at EKW Group:

Our self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Sage’, Ashleigh, joined the team in 2009 as a Business Administration Apprentice, and has progressed through the payroll ranks ever since!

Our resident ‘Pensions Pro’ Yasmin, also joined as a Business Administration Apprentice in 2015, and has since flourished into a fully-fledged payroll expert – find out more below…

Ashleigh Kempson-Blundell, Payroll Senior

I started in 2009 when I was 17, on a business administration apprenticeship within the payroll team. From there, I became a trainee payroll administrator and developed all the key skills to complete the day to day tasks of payroll. As I progressed through the years, I began to take on more responsibility. Since then I have handled payroll for multiple high-profile franchises and outsourced accountancy practices – I’m now one of the senior members of the team and the self proclaimed ‘Queen of Sage’. I’m still learning and trying to develop more managerial skills to enable me to progress my career with EKW group even further. I couldn’t do it without the support and help of the team here!

Yasmin Latham, Auto Enrolment Administrator

I started my career at EKW Group in 2015 as a Business Administration Apprentice. This gave me the skills and knowledge I needed for the job whilst also getting work experience at the same time. Deciding to do an apprenticeship was a great way to start my career, as I have now been working for EKW Group for 8 years! I’ve become a pro at pensions (if I do say so myself) and work alongside the payroll team to ensure our clients are compliant with the Auto Enrolment Legislation.

Does a career with EKW Group sound like the path for you? For more information about our apprenticeship opportunities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Eleanor Taylor at [email protected] 

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