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The Re-introduction of Employment Tribunal Fees

The Ministry of Justice is currently undergoing a consultation to reintroduce Employment Tribunal fees, which is set to close today (25th March). Although resolving workplace conflicts out of court is desired, being able to seek fair and accessible legal processes is fundamental for employees. Pending the consultation results, these proposed adjustments will impact how individuals access justice in employment-related disputes.  

As part of our enhanced business solutions offering, we provide outsourced HR services to help businesses navigate these changes to ensure all employees feel valued, supported, and empowered in the workplace.  

The Proposal  

The Employment Tribunals have long been recognised as crucial avenues for individuals navigating challenging times. Whether it’s disputing claims of alleged discrimination, unpaid wages, or holiday pay discrepancies, the tribunals provide a vital forum for resolution.  

Currently, there is no fee for taking a claim to Employment Tribunal. Under these changes, however, modest fees would be introduced in both Employment Tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal. The rationale behind the move is to align the tribunal users with those of other courts and tribunals who already contribute towards operational costs.  

Previously, the fees were withdrawn in 2017 after an appeal by Unison, a trade union, who argued low-income individuals did not have access to justice due to the high costs of launching a claim. However, the Ministry of Justice has since admitted stripping the fees is not balanced. Therefore, the new proposal would introduce a payment of £55 when bringing a claim forward. 

Additionally, a robust Help with Fees (HwF) scheme will be in place to support individuals unable to afford the proposed fees. The scheme aims to provide financial assistance to those most in need, ensuring that access to justice is not compromised.  

The consultation is scheduled to be concluded on 25th March with many eager to see whether fees will be reintroduced when launching a claim. Our in-house HR services aim to keep such matters away from the Employment Tribunal.  With our expertise, businesses can confidently navigate regulatory changes, promote a positive work culture, and foster productive employee relationships.  

If you need help regarding these new changes, please get in contact with our People and Culture manager, Eleanor Taylor, at @ [email protected] 

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